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Helix Security

Created for Helix Security, an information security firm.

Madison Regional Health

Created for Madison Regional Hospital in Madison, South Dakota.


Created for Watthub, a renewable energy online resource.

Outdoors & Moore

Created for Outdoors & Moore, an outdoor adventure service.

The Pub House

Created for The Pub House, a dining establishment in Madison, South Dakota.


Created for Thrive, a worship band.


One Stop Menu Boards

Created for One Stop Restaurant in Madison, South Dakota.


Medication Print Pro

The Medication Print Pro application was created in to help healthcare facilities better convey prescription medication information to patients and caretakers. It has a centralized medicine database that allows all users to have the most up-to-date information to keep patients informed. Security is managed through the existing active directory infrastructure and Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAM) databases, so no additional changes are needed to the current working environment. Prescription medication information is managed by onsite pharmacies or the individuals in charge of medication information. The product is easy to use and requires very little maintenance to maintain. Through the huge success of increasing and maintaining HCAHPS scores, the product has evolved to be one of the most efficient applications for conveying prescription medication information to patients in the healthcare industry.

Incident Reporting Pro

The Incident Reporting Pro web-based application was created to help assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and in-home care companies help manage patient incidents and associate risk-based evaluations on the incidents that are reported. Users are able to communicate easily in detail the situations that have taken place and what steps were followed to fix the issue. Information flows in a structured workflow to supervisors and advisory panels to help decide if further action needs to be taken. Through a highly sophisticated trending function, the application is able to find patterns in patients, employees, or locations within the organization. These patterns can be further analyzed to determine if changes need to be made, training courses need to be utilized, or further action should be taken. It helps determine areas of the organization that need more attention to avoid any sort of negligent violations or wrongdoing on their part that could put their patients in jeopardy.


Jordan Youngberg Logo

Created for Jordan Youngberg's political campaign.

Who We Are

Daniel Buresh

Founder / Head of Development

Daniel has been involved in designing and developing software applications since the early 2000s. He has been creating software solutions in the finance, healthcare, and electrical industries since 2005. He founded Intuvio Solutions in 2008 to pursue his independent career of designing and building custom software applications for a variety of businesses. He found his niche developing custom software solutions that are database driven and object orientated to help create efficiency within normal day-to-day business processes.

Darin Namken


Darin is an innovative entrepreneur and co-founded Bulldog Media Group, Inc., in 2000. He serves as President, steering the mission and providing the future direction of the core vision of the company and specializing in new business development. In 2006, Darin co-founded Infotech Solutions, LLC, an information technology company in Madison, SD. In 2012, Darin joined the Intuvio Solutions team and assists in the business & marketing strategies on a daily basis.

Todd Knodel


Todd holds nearly two decades of experience in the banking and internet industries. Todd began his entrepreneurial career in 1996 forming Client Services, Inc., a bankcard consulting company where he successfully developed several bankcard programs. He continued that success co-founding Bulldog Media Group, Inc. in 2000 and serves as CEO. Todd also co-founded Infotech Solutions, LLC, an information technology company with offices and a data center in Madison, SD.

Lucas Muller

Creative Director

Hey-O! Lucas Muller here, I was born and bred right here in good ol’ Eastern SoDak. I graduated from Dakota State University of Madison in the year 2004 A.D with a bachelor's degree in Graphic & Web Design. Since then I have been working for Bulldog Media Group as a Senior Graphic Designer. I’ve had my hands in everything from Web Design/UX, Branding to Print design. Now’s when I probably tell you what I do in my spare time. Well… I have 2 small children right now, so there is no spare time. Only sweet, sweet sleep.

John Eining

Software Engineer Consultant

John has been developing software and web applications since the mid 2000s. He has been involved in every aspect of the development industry, from writing extensive custom content management systems, to implementing complex responsive design structures. With a passion for JavaScript, a background in .NET and a drive to stay on the cutting edge of web practices, John began working with the Intuvio Solutions team in 2012.

Ian Mackenzie

Software Engineer

Ian has over 3 years of experience in both front-end and back-end development, learning and working closely with industry professionals. With a passion for the web, and knowledge of the latest web development trends and technologies Ian is a perfect fit here at Intuvio Solutions. In 2015, Ian joined the Intuvio Solutions team and works with all things web related.

Intuvio Solutions, LLC was established in 2008 to provide custom software solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Intuvio Solutions, LLC specializes in a variety of software solutions that concentrate on the most up-to-date technologies and industry best practices to help businesses utilize the resources they have to operate more efficiently and cost effectively to stay ahead of the curve.

Through an intense development process, we sit down and listen to the needs of our customers and come up with a plan that will best utilize their resources in any scenario. In an ever changing business environment, staying profitable is key to a long-term existence. Through our products and custom software applications, we can assure you that you are going to stay competitive in your field and we will allow you to capitalize on the qualities you already have.


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